Kinetic Text is a hybrid studio
with an animation focus

Facebook is the home of almost 2 Billion daily active users who view 8 Billion videos per day. This includes everything from entertainment to education, but it also serves as a platform for marketing stories. We're convinced that brands are not producing enough video content to share their unique and often helpful perspective. We'd like to not only change that, but help make marketing stories that make people SMILE.

Our Vision

Marketing has changed, again. The range of presentation formats is richer and often smarter than ever. Video is no longer a gimmick but something customers, followers, and fans have come to expect as part of the normal communication toolset.

Our Mission

VIDEO used to be something only created by BIG studios but video isn't just for selling stuff anymore. Much our world is seen, heard and spoken through the language of video. It is the most powerful medium to foster meaningful connection with audiences and the time to translate your story to a video channel has never been better!

Our Process

Process is the recipe that guarantees consistent results. The master document of every project is the script and our production process is completely oriented around it. The copywritng holds the tone, content, and points to the goal of the project. It is the 10% inspiration that directs the other 90% of the effort.

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Eugene, Oregon USA

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(310) 293-8149

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