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We provide full service video production and a la carte creative services.

At Kinetic Text we DON'T do it all. There are jobs that are too small and there are some jobs that are too big. Our focus is on creating marketing videos that make people smile through lively animation, motion graphics that clearly get your point across and live action video produced at the right level of quality for the time and budget available.

Animated Production

ANIMATED PRODUCTION comes in all different shapes and budgets. Lower-end animation may feature lovable characters but it won't have the enduring appeal of a big studio feature film. The higher costs for movie-quality character animation won't be much of a surprise to anyone, but a schedule that stretches out for many, many weeks or months will give marketing teams something to think twice about. Tell us about your project and we'll figure out the best animated result for your needs.

Motion Graphics

MOTION GRAPHICS can be any combination of graphics and text in motion to tell a marketing story. These multimedia presentations may include photo slideshows, stock video footage, computer generated images, or kinetic text. Motion graphics video can be the fastest and most cost-effective way to present information. Our signature style uses an intelligent mix of custom-built graphics and stock video deliciously mixed together!

Live Action Video

LIVE ACTION VIDEO comes in many shapes and styles. On the lower end you've got selfie videos, webcam monologues and action cam footage. On the higher end you've got 4 and 5 figure outfits complete with lights, camera and lots of choreographed action. With the right crew you can have very appealing footage just few moments after filming. We provide film crew, directors and shooters to help produce your legacy videos, corporate promos, commercial advertisements, sales videos and training videos.

Blog Video

Building a community that loves your brand happens when you reach out with content that appeals to your audience REGULARLY. Keeps them coming back for more by creating a regular pulse of videos once a month, or better, once a week. Convert your blog posts to video and energize your marketing calendar by sharing event highlights, announcement videos, promos for awareness campaigns or remixing a behind-the-scenes video from a big event. Would you like help with some ideas? Contact us and let's brainstorm some EASY ways to use video to stay in touch and delight your viewers.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos have revolutionized the way that brands teach, entertain and connect with their audiences. There's a saying that goes, "He who educates the market dominates the market". Explainer videos are the 'television commercials' of today. You probably already knew that video ads can increase brand association by 139% and purchase intent by 97%but did you know that 77% of viewers say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process? A recent poll about the effectiveness of marketing videos showed that74% of viewers who watched an explainer video later made a purchase! Explainer videos can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length and focus on the 'secret sauce' or 'hidden magic' of a brand or product. They are often created as a series of videos or produced as one 2 minute project and then remixed as multiple 30 - 59 second clips for various placement online.

Prime Time Commercial

The best commercials are the ones that not only make us hit the like button, but really, ones that make us smile, laugh and feel something. While that is primarily the function of a strong concept and script, it sure helps for your marketing media to have the benefit powerful, visual spectacle as well. When it's time to pour it on, we will grace your project with our Signature motion graphics style, fully animated characters, professional voice over, and full sound design as needed. A well-groomed team of experts support the project which normally includes an art director, producer, and film crew or animation team. The production schedule is efficiently managed by a dedicated crew for results that will keep your viewers smiling for days. The final video may feature a single style or a blend. Let's look at some examples and talk about your wishes and desires when you're ready.

Our Working Process

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  • Step-5


The storyboard is a document that contains most of the elements from the script plus a visual idea of will appear on the screen. Whenever there are problems on a production the causes can almost always be traced back to a weak script-to-storyboard translation. This step is super critical because it sets expectations about the director's style and vision for the project and gives the production team ideas about how to serve the script. At Kinetic Text we make it our religion to transfer the concepts in the script to the storyboard in a way that captures the imagination and brings out everything that makes the script special.


The next important stage of production is an animatic. An animatic is simply a video that shows the panels of the storyboard that uses a temporary soundtrack, called a "scratch" track (because it's going to be 'scratched-out' and replaced later). This animatic tool is helpful on Live Action productions, as well as animation and motion graphics projects because it will allow the team to check the length and flow of the presentation weeks or months before large amounts of time or dollars have been spent on production. Animatics reveal early on what works, and more importantly, what doesn't work (so it can be easily and cheaply fixed).


This is a stage of production where critical elements are procured, licensed, created, planned, designed and setup. This, frankly is NOT a fun stage- especially on longer projects. Projects (usually shorter ones) that have the benefit of being able to use stock video and photography are a in sweet spot of short and gorgeous looking. If your project can benefit from previously filmed video footage then there is a good chance that you will save a lot of time by licensing those assets from a stock library. However, if a custom video shoot needs to be ordered, or a film crew scheduled, or animated characters created- this preproduction phase will absorb the most time and budget.

  • Step 3a SOUND DESIGN


Most producers think that the production process is hard and time consuming, but if they would take a moment to think about it- production is really the most gratifying and addictive part of the work. It is all of the important steps to get to production that is the drudgery. But setting edited clips in place in a video project, making a character that has been fully prepared and rigged for her performance or synchronizing the hypnotic, morphing shapes and colors in a motion graphics piece is the FUNNEST part of the work! Time breezes by and everyone on the team whistles while they dance into work- even during late and long hours. But the key to this is an organized and disciplined preproduction process.

  • Step 4a SOUND DESIGN


This stage of the production process, also called Post Production, is usually short and also very gratifying. This is where a lot of details are finessed, timing tightened and the final artistic touches are applied to a presentation.

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