The "Clark the Herald Angel SINGS" stage play was an AMAZING project! The original material was written by Jason Hague, a writer and associate Pastor at a church in Junction City, Oregon. A stage play version had been performed at Jason's church, but Carrie Baker thought it would be a good idea for the Clark Play to be performed at our local church in Eugene. Moments with the angels were prerecorded as a way to simplify the live performance and to allow edited jump cuts between the speaking parts of the angelic cast. I got involved to coordinate the recording of the angels, and Carrie functioned as the director for the "Clark the Herald Angel SINGS" stage play.
Pre-recorded Angelic Scenes
Clark Stage Play - Behind the Scenes
The scenes with the Angels were filmed in the church's multi-purpose room. The stage play was performed in the main auditorium, along with the edited angelic scenes. If you're not going to use your auditorium for performances, what do you even have one for?
I think this is the most complex production I've worked on and it brought so many people together. The amateurish aspects poke through here and there, but it was so much FUN! 
Cecil's Rant
This clip was one of the funniest moments in the story so I hope this exposition will explain why. The story revolves around Clark who frequently fouls up his angelic assignments. His boss, Cecil, is well known for his outbursts of anger, but specifically for a rant that the herald angels have heard so often that they've memorized it! For this clip I dubbed Cecil over the audio of the original actors and cut around to different performers. 

Opening Night!
I don't often see people work this hard on something. Miss Carrie Baker demonstrated a focus and care for the production that I don't see too often. So much behind the scenes effort and work! It became more than just a little 'church production'.
Special Thanks [from the printed program]

A few years ago, some of our staff saw this production at Christ Center Church in Junction City. It ignited a spark in our hearts that maybe we could borrow their script, and perform it someday at our church. Well, two years later, that day arrived. So, our thanks goes out to Jason Hague, associate pastor at Christ Church and co-writer Josh Davis, for letting us use your gifts and talents, and borrow this fantastic play that you have written and produced. Also, for allowing us to raid your prop closet, borrow set backgrounds, and use some video footage. Our hope is to continue what you started- and to help heaven's headlines reach more people this Christmas.

I also want to thank Carrie Baker, who was a performer in this production at Christ Center two years ago- and now is our worship leader and the current director. She didn't know that we wanted to do this production when we hired her- but God did- and His plans and timing are always perfect.

A BIG thank you must also go out to our cast and crew. Everyone did a fantastic job putting together their own costumes, jumping into character- and bringing this production to life. Law Jackson did an outstanding job with all the video segments and piecing everything together. We also had amazing people volunteer to run lights, sound and media board. Thank You.

Above all- I thank our Lord Jesus Christ- who has such a great sense of humor- and loves to laugh and bless His children. He constantly amazes me as I sit back and watch Him pull all the pieces together. I pray that you- the audience, will see how the message 2000 years ago is just as powerful in our lives today. Thank you for coming.

Teresa Evenson, Casting Director.
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