The content team at CEF, an international children's ministry, faced the challenge of creating an effective tool to help young Christians share the Gospel with their peers. The goal was to develop engaging content that could be used repeatedly for this purpose. Because this was the first of several projects with CEF it presented new workflow challenges from script development to final production.
To address the project's requirements, I recommended a creative solution using digital dolls for the characters Lucas and Camila. By animating them through posing instead of drawing them repeatedly, it streamlined the animation process and saved time and effort. For Camila, I went the extra mile and designed an advanced 2D Puppet called a Multi View Rig. This innovative rig allowed for a poseable doll that retained the essence of her character, enabling smoother and more lifelike animations.
The outcome was fantastic! Go and Tell proved to be an effective tool for young Christians to share the Gospel with their peers. The animated digital dolls added a fun and interactive dimension to the content, making it relatable and engaging for the target audience. The Multi View Rig for Camila not only demonstrated technical expertise but also brought her character to life in a special way, enhancing the overall impact of the project.
If you're looking for creative and impactful ways to share your message, let's team up and bring your vision to life! Whether it's developing educational tools, interactive content, or innovative animations, we can work together to create something extraordinary. Reach out, and together, we'll empower others through the power of animation!
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