Looking back, this project stands out as one of the best and most enjoyable experiences of my career. The healthcare agency I worked at faced the task of announcing the company's relocation from San Juan Capistrano to Irvine, California. We wanted to make this announcement fun, engaging, and unforgettable. And what better way to do that than with a game?
The idea of creating an interactive game to announce the relocation was born, but I knew it was beyond my expertise to bring it to life. So, I teamed up with the talented Carlos Rios. Together, we set out to develop an exciting game using Flash, a platform that was in its heyday at that time. The game concept was simple, yet engaging, and perfectly captured the spirit of the announcement.
The game turned out to be an absolute hit! Both co-workers and clients were thrilled by the interactive experience. It was a delightful surprise for them, and the humor infused in the game showcased our agency's creativity and capabilities. The game not only made the announcement memorable but also established a strong impression of our agency as a fun and innovative partner.
Do you know a business that needs to make an announcement in a fun and engaging way? Interactive games can be a fantastic solution to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact. If you're seeking a creative approach to deliver your message or announcement, consider the power of interactive experiences. Let's collaborate and create a memorable and entertaining way to share your news with the world!
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