Ignite Health was a Healthcare Marketing Agency with a crucial mission: address HIV in a way that would resonate with both patients and physicians. The stigma surrounding HIV was a real challenge so we needed a creative solution to educate and empathize in an authentic way.
We formed a dream team with incredible talents like Rusty Yunusov, Fabio Gratton, Shane Brouse, Jeff Rohwer, and others to create an animated web series called "Live With It." This innovative approach allowed us to present serious topics in an engaging and accessible manner. Each episode centered around a character in an HIV support group, delivering meaningful messages in an engaging way.
The journey of producing "Live With It" was eye-opening! Animated projects demand serious effort, but boy, was it worth it! The series struck a deep emotional chord with viewers. Our storytelling through cartoons connected with hearts and minds, especially for those facing HIV stigma.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we reached a wide audience while spreading awareness and understanding. For a period of about 4 years, Live With It was a magnet for awards such as the CLIO, MMM and Innovation Award.
We're thrilled by the impact of "Live With It," and we're looking forward to work on more projects like this one! If you're seeking creative and impactful solutions for your healthcare projects, we'd love to get involved. Let's team up and bring some magic to your next endeavor! Reach out and let’s make a difference.
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