It feels like yesterday that I was visiting the southern coast of Ukraine. I took my fourth trip in 2012 and this would mark the beginning of a new season of my life. My photography skills were developing while I took time to explore the Crimean Peninsula, Odessa, Nikolaev and all sorts of interests and attractions.
Nikolaev, Ukraine
Ukraine has always been a place of beauty, culture and political contrast. It has been Pro-West for many years, but that wasn't always the case. The monuments and statues sometimes point to periods in her history that Ukrainians aren't always proud of. Two Ukrainian police officers approached me while I was photographing the statue of Lenin (above). I didn't realize it at the time, but this was a divisive and controversial figure. I later learned that this statue was removed.
Crimean Peninsula
Dream Connections
Close friends of ours, Mark and Anna Davis were in the process of building Dream Connections, a travel and dating business. I regularly contributed film, video and branding projects for them. Our 2012 trip allowed me a multitude of environments and settings to sharpen my creative powers across all mediums.
Pro Photo Level Session
My trip to Ukraine gave me an extra bonus when we met my wife's award-winning photographer. I learned some valuable tips and techniques and we got a free photo session!
Friends and Family
It's hard for me to be objective about which photos are "gallery worthy" because each one reminds me of unforgettable moments from a life-changing trip. I'm exercised the ultimate restraint as I share a handful of the thousands of images that were captured.
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